Tivo Suggestions

Not all of the suggestions on this page are my own orginal ideas.

A bunch of suggestions I’ve come up with for the next software version. What do ya think?


Season Pass / Wishlists

  • “Just channel x” (like currently) ,”Across all channels”, “Just Commercial Free Movie Channels” option. Yes I know Wishlists can do this but I don’t like the ‘typing’.
  • One time / “throwaway” movie wishlists. Once recorded the wishlist deletes itself.
  • Set / Identify commercial free channels. Allow me to set movies / Season Passes / Wishlist to only record from commercial free channels.

Recording History

  • Semi-Permanent / Comprehensive. Would allow for Season Pass settings like “Don’t record this episode (series, movie, etc.) again for 10 years (or 6 months, or 1 year, ever, etc.)”.


  • Per-Episode. “I love the Simpsons but this episode is terrible.”

Usage Stats

  • Time: recording, watching, fast forward, reverse. Might let me see how much I need a second Tivo.
  • Channels: top, watched, unwatched. Am I getting my money’s worth? How often do I really watch those premium channels?

Pick Programs to Record

  • Filter list. New Since (last time I used PPTR, Monday, July 2nd, etc.)
  • Show Thumbs while browsing list. Allow me to Thumb a show without viewing show details.
  • Record “Sometime” / Eventually – Does not auto-thumb show – Treats show as suggestion


  • Sort and Group: Now Playing and SPM. Allows me to easily organize and keep all my “re-run” Season Passes at lower priority than current Prime Time. More commonly known as ‘Folders’.
  • Recording Feedback. A “This show didn’t record properly” setting. Tivo tried but there was a problem. Try again. Give stats too.
  • IR Keyboard
  • Amazon.com style suggestions. “People who like the shows you like also enjoy …..”
  • Episode lists. Shows me which episodes of the Simpsons I have seen. “Don’t record this episode ever again” or “Record this episode next time it is on”. Related to my History suggestion above and possibly IMDB.com .
  • Tivolution Magazine style news headlines and weather info. Downloaded during daily call or (ideally) somewhat like the Tivomatic icons hidden in the regular TV broadcast (commercials?). “News Sponsored by Widget Co!”
  • Editing. Allow me to delete watched portion of the show. “Delete before” and “delete after”, advanced “delete between”.
  • Usage meter: Gas tank style meter that shows approx. how much free space I have.
  • Expire: Right now shows will ‘expire’ and go into a ‘can be deleted at any time’ state. Often the show may not be in any danger of deltion. Change how shows ‘expire’ so that expiration more accuratley reflects how close to deletion a show is. Use the current icons to indicate how soon the TiVo expects to have to delete a show. Allow for a ‘protected’ status similar to the current expiration scheme so we can keep shows from being deleted for the first 2 days after it was recorded.