Figure 8 stopper knot

I wanted to do a site on knots, but since I can’t draw a decent stick figure and there were already so many great knot sites I figured I would just tell you about some of them.



Theory of Tie Knots – Learn the 4 basic knots for neckties. Most of the site focuses on mathematical knot theory, but the bottom of the home page has 4 great pictures for tying the common necktie knots.

Ropers Knots Page: Knot site on knot-work in real rope and lines. – One of the largest sites on knots. Great place to start.

Shooting Star’s Marlinspike Page – About 20 knots. Ugly but very effective animated drawings.

Knotboard of the Month Archive – About 16 knots. Very good HTML and PDF files with excellent drawings and text.

Learn2 Tie Basic Knots – Intro – A quick tutorial for 8 simple and common knots.

Troop 7 – How to Tie Knots – Good drawings of about 40 different knots. Oriented toward Boy Scouts.

BRMRG Knot Primer – Photographs of about 20 different knots. Oriented toward Wilderness Search and Rescue.

The FisherNet Knots List – Good but small drawings of 8 fishing knots. Good text directions.

Boating Rope Knots– 7 boating knots. Animated step by step drawings. No text.

Knots – 5 fishing knots. Very good step by step text instructions and drawings.

FM 5-125 Table of Contents – Army Field Manual section on knots.

Knotcraft by Stuart E. Grainger – Techniques for making nets.

Knots on the Web (Peter Suber) – A bigger and from the looks of it a better directory of knot related sites.

Non Instructional

THE INK GROUP – Knots – A knot calendar.

Starknot’s Knotscape — Knot Pics Page – Photos of fancy rope work and reviews of several knot books.

~ Alaska Museum of Fancy Knots ~ – Non instructional. Photographs of dozens of fancy knots.

FANCY KNOTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD – Non instructional. More photographs of fancy knots.


igkthome – The International Guild of Knot Tyers.

International Guild of Knot Tyers – North American Branch

Yahoo knot tyers club – Founded by the International Guild of Knot Tyers – North American Branch

The Cordage Institute – A rope making industry organization.

The Lehigh Group – Makers of rope.


The Ashley Book of Knots – The encyclopedia of knots. More knots than you could ever learn. Considered by just about everyone to be the most complete work on knots.

The Klutz Book of Knots : How to Tie the World’s 25 Most Useful Hitches, Ties, Wraps, and Knots – Great little book. A good book to start with, my copy even came with cords to tie.

The Complete Book of Knots – Far from complete, but beautifully done. Has several good knots that I hadn’t seen before. Great, clear illustrations.