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Friday, May 23 2008 I got up at 3:50 am and drove up to Camp. I stopped just inside the gate and changed into my tuxedo. I slowly drove into camp, with my windows down, hoping not to hear the dogs start barking.

Luck was with me and I parked at the Big House with no sign that Rhonda or the dogs were awake. I opened my trunk and started removing the boxes of tea candles (from the Dollar Tree). I placed the candles along the railing, lighting some immediately so as to not have everything spoiled if I was caught before I finished.

As I was working, I heard Rhonda open the side door and let 2 of the dogs out. That shook me a little. After getting all the candles placed, about 15 had gone out so I went back and re-lit them. My hand was shaking a little, and the lighter was losing some if it’s umph. I spread some rose petals (fake, from the Dollar Tree) on the ground and on the table, mixed in with the candles. Lastly I put some flowers (fake, from the Dollar Tree) on the table. All was ready. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Nothing. Her doorbell doesn’t work. I went to my car, and honked the horn. Nothing. I went back to my car and did ‘shave and a haircut’ on my horn.

Rhonda came out side wearing PJ’s and with a slightly befuddled look said “What? I need a jacket”. She then went back inside and closed the door to get a jacket. She came back out, this time I had enough time to actually ask the question. Her immediate response was

“No, no, now’s not the time!”

Fortunately I could tell she wasn’t answering me, she was just overwhelmed.

It took her about 15 minutes, but she eventually said yes.

We (she) called everyone and told them the news, then we cleaned out the gutters.

The Ring

Rhonda: “I couldn’t ask for a better engagement ring.”
Me: “Good, cause you’re not getting one!”

The next day we went to Wal-Mart and I bought her a $9 ring that she can wear even when she is working.

Simplify, simplify

I need to simplify my life.

I tend to create clutter and I need to start eliminating it. Files, emails, useless gadgets that I don’t need. I probably spend more time and effort keeping things I don’t use than I would money by just re-buying things I actually need when I find I need them. I’m going to work to emiminate as much as possible. We’ll see if I succeed. I won’t ever be finished, but every bit I accomplish helps me.

Eudora to Mozilla

I switched my email from Eudora to Mozilla yesterday. Will take some getting used to but I think it will go well. The switch also forced me to look at which email addresses were getting what mail and I’ve started rearranging some accounts.

The hard part will be wating for some of the more advanced filtering features that I really want.