This is, of course, a vanity site. Even my friends and family will have little interest in it. I made this site for myself. So if you don’t like it, plllbbbbbbtttttt!


I am not totally happy with the look of the site. I don’t ever expect to be. I play with the design until I get it looking how I want it, and then change it again.

My current design philosophy is “minimalist”. This should make it easier to update and maintain.

Html Coding

I try to write all pages so they validate (as XHTML). Now that I have moved to a host that does not require banner ads, writing valid code is much easier. I just need to get around to checking the whole site.

I have taken to doing as much of the layout as possible via Cascading Style Sheets. This makes it easy for me to change the look of the enitre site with a single stroke.