Monthly Archives: October 2005

Fall 2005 Catchup

So. The summer went pretty well. From what I hear. I don’t normally get sick much, but this summer, right in the middle of Camp, I got so sick that I wound up in the hospital for about 2 days. This thoroughly annoyed me, as I wound up not getting to be part of Camp much this summer. Oh well. It may work out for the best though. I wound up saving a bunch of vacation time and if they let me use it all next year, I’ll be there almost all summer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve been just slightly sick on and off since then, and I was out sick from work almost this whole week. My doctor has me on some antibiotics and I’m going to make sure that I stick to them till they are all gone. I want to be well and stay well.

Camp Dixie recently had a get together at Stone Mountain, just for the older ones. We’ll be doing one for the younger ones soon.