Quite a while back I started a site devoted to all the free stuff you could find on the internet. It was a monument to my cheapness. Well, the dotcom bubble burst, the free stuff started drying up, and I lost interest. Slowly I developed a new interest in open source software. It was free, thus appealing to my cheap side. It was open, giving it a chance to have a life beyond that of the interest of any one devloper or company, appealing to my lazy side. I was getting tired of finding replacements for good software that suddenly either cost money or vanished completely.

However I was having trouble keeping track of all the cool software I was finding. So I setup a few pages on the otherwise abanoned free stuff site, listing the best bits of software I wanted to keep track of. Before long I had so much on that one page that I decided it was too cumbersome to edit. I decided to write a whole new site using PHP and MySQL. The only problem, while I can program, I’m not that good at it. Nevertheless, I started and also asked for help on the website. I got enough responses that I created a project at sourceforge for the development and got a new domain name representative of the intended content.

Slowly, a vanity site is being transformed into Very slowly. With a sudden burst of productivity I was able to get some basic functionality, just short of usefullness. However since then, neither I, nor any of those kind enough to volunteer to help out have managed to get any further. Don’t think for a minute that I’m denigrating the volunteers they owe me nothing, and I know real life must come first. I am asking for more help. I have a sneaking suspicion that for some one who knows what they are doing it is an afternoons work, but I’m just guessing. So take a look at the project, browse the CVS, and help out if you can. I’ve got a huge backlog of software to add, and don’t need any extra excuses to put it off.