The Perfect Cell Phone

I’ve been thinking about my vision of the perfect cellphone.
It should:
Use USB to connect to a computer.
Be able to charge it’s battery via USB.
Show up just like a flash thumb drive when the phone is connected to a computer.
Ringtones, Addressbooks, Calendars, all show up as files in standard formats. Probably sorted into their own directory (/Ringtones, /Addresses, /Calendars, etc.). I can use extra space to store files that I want to keep with me, if the phone doesn’t understand the file, it ignores the file.

Bluetooth (or something similar).
When I get close to my work or home computer (only the computers I setup) the Phone automatically syncs up with the desktop.

Every alert / noise the phone makes is customizable.
Caller groups
email recieve (with alert)
keypad lock
quickly to silent mode

I don’t have to pay extra to use all the features of my phone.

Sending pictures or text messages only count off of my regular minutes? No extra charge.