Monthly Archives: May 2004

The Perfect Cell Phone

I’ve been thinking about my vision of the perfect cellphone.
It should:
Use USB to connect to a computer.
Be able to charge it’s battery via USB.
Show up just like a flash thumb drive when the phone is connected to a computer.
Ringtones, Addressbooks, Calendars, all show up as files in standard formats. Probably sorted into their own directory (/Ringtones, /Addresses, /Calendars, etc.). I can use extra space to store files that I want to keep with me, if the phone doesn’t understand the file, it ignores the file.

Bluetooth (or something similar).
When I get close to my work or home computer (only the computers I setup) the Phone automatically syncs up with the desktop.

Every alert / noise the phone makes is customizable.
Caller groups
email recieve (with alert)
keypad lock
quickly to silent mode

I don’t have to pay extra to use all the features of my phone.

Sending pictures or text messages only count off of my regular minutes? No extra charge.

Duplicate file handling

Ok, when I am copying or moving files from one directory to another and one of the files has the same name, Explorer asks me if I want to overwrite Version A with Version B. What frustrates me is that Explorer isn’t smarter. What I’d like for Exporer to do when it finds a duplicate file name is:
1. Do a file size check, if the same go to 2
2. Do a CRC check, if the same go to 3
3. Do a byte for byte comparison, if the same, don’t bother asking. No copying necessary. If moving, you can just delete the Move From copy.

If the checks fail at any of these steps, then prompt asking what to do. Having a diff button right there would be nice too.

The only question would be what to do with different timestamps. I don’t really care, but I’m sure some people would.