Monthly Archives: January 2001

I love TiVo!

Tivo has literally changed the way I watch TV. I love it!

I never watch live TV anymore, I let TIVO record everything and watch when I am good and ready. I get to see many shows that I would have misssed because of when they happen to be on. I don’t even look at the TV book to see what’s on. A quick look in Now Showing and presto! The Simpsons, Drew Carey, Doctor Who, even a couple of movies, are all sitting on my Tivo right now.

I just got in my Tivo doll and green remote yesterday. Too cool.

I sleep better now that I have a Tivo. No I’m not that much of a freak. I know it sounds weird but the hours I keep are more consistent since I don’t have to stay up just to catch a good show. I now get to bed at a decent time during the week.

I don’t channel surf, I get to pick what to watch from a list of my favorite show instead of settling for the best that’s on right now.

A Tivo is a smart VCR in the same way a computer is a smart calculator. There just isn’t an easy way to simply explain the real magic of a Tivo.